Things Left Unsaid Principal Jude Timothy Harris
Left Behind Principal Jordan-Paige Sudduth
One Shot Principal Jordan-Paige Sudduth
Finding Your Star Principal Juan London
Lupeo Anne Turner Pete Media Production
Web Series “The Roche Series” Episode “the Wait” Fran Pete Media Productions
Miss Winn’s Garden Tween Girl Shanalyna Palmer
Victoria’s Path Tween Girl Craig Patterson
Kiss of Death Principal
Inheritance Italian Style Flower Girl Laughing Cow Productions
The Change Up Girl Playing on Playground Paramount Pictures
Hallows Eve Trick or Treater Southlan Films


Winshape Camps (Chick-Fil-A) Principal Remedy Films
Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity PSA Principal Roger Ross Williams
PSA Pediatric Cancer Dress up girl Red Pill Productions
PSA Pediatric ER Lunch Room Girl North Avenue Productions
HCA Pediatric ER Principal Andrew Mills
Sky Zone Principal Leesburg PR


Grease Cha Cha Sutton Theatre
Madeline’s Chrismas Juliette Horizon Theatre
Sleeping Beauty Fauna Fabrefaction Theatre
Cinderella Royal Herald Fabrefaction Theatre


Shell Gas Station Principal Shell
Emory Hospital Principal Creative Sound Concepts
Web MD Principal Ray Woods/ CC Pro Media


Atlanta Parents Magazine Cover Cover November 2011
Imagine It! Children’s Museum Brochure Jeff Rottman Photography


Vocal Teacher Lisa Rosemond
Audition Workshop Howard Meltzer
Acting Class Marnie Cooper
Guitar Lessons Peter Vogl – Jan Smith Studios
Casting Workshop Krisha Bullock
Intensive Workshop Babara Stordahl
Vocal Lessons Tara Simon/Tara Simon Studios
Teen Scene Study Jason McDonald
Scene Study Zane Stephens
Master Workshop Mark Fincannon
Young Adult Acting Class David Gray Studios
Audition Workshop Alpha Tyler
Audition Class Kris Redding